These are some of the ways you can get involved in the SUCS Community.

Milliways (chat room)

Join us on the SUCS talker system, Milliways. It's an old school chat system that was first conceived in 1992 and is still seeing around-the-clock action. This is where the older life members usually hang out so it's a good place to find some experienced advice, coding tips, etc.

SUCS Lightning Talks

A great way to share things you are passionate about with fellow members. We've had 3 Lightning Talks so far in the past 2 years and each of them have been very well received. Footage of the talks can also be found in this section.

SUCS Projects

SUCS hosts a number of open source coding projects and offers its members Subversion repositories and Trac wiki/ticket trackers to manage their projects. The projects page lists a number of projects which SUCS members are currently working on, and which you can get involved with.


We regularly meet in JCs every Wednesday at 1PM. It's a great chance to get to know everyone and have a chat with people. Most Friday nights, we meet in JCs at 7pm for food and drink.

Other Ways